The best things in life are

the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made.

All About


Once a full time sales executive, I became a stay at home wife and mom of three as an expat living in Italy for three years.  That experience taught me so much about myself, my family and my future business goals.  I have a new look on life because of being an expat and moving back to the States is like I am in another foreign country; home isn’t the same but here I am.  I am positively not perfect at coming back home but I’m just doing my best like any other mom out there.

Game Changer

In 2015 I began a journey that helped me look more intensely at products we were using and gradually I started replacing them with different combinations of essential oils.  Here I am now and I am so thankful that a better and healthier option to pretty much everything.  This turned into a passion for sharing the knowledge that I’ve learned during my journey.  I love to share ideas, different thought processes and most importantly, I love helping people take toxins out of their lives.

My Journey with

Young Living Essential Oils

My passion for doing better and knowing more about what my family brings into our house started in 2008 when I found out I was expecting my oldest child.  I wanted to bring her into a healthy environment and give her the best chance possible to be healthy and stay that way.  Fast forward to 2012 when my husband decided to become a vegetarian for health reasons and I started overhauling the food we were consuming.  I thought I was on track, but then my good friend introduced me to Young Living and I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  

Listen in to my


Join me on my journey where I talk about my life experience as an expat and how that has given me a different perspective on life.I talk about how coming back “home” wasn’t what I expected, being an ex-expat is harder than I thought it was going to be.  It’s a journey and isn’t perfect. I am looking forward to connecting with fellow expats and moms that just want to do their best in life, especially doing positively not perfect!

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Looking for some inspiration for toxic and chemical free products you can make at home? Browse the online recipe gallery to find some easy to make products using essential oils!

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